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Everyone has limitless talent, it's just about the right direction. Let CareerGOD show you the right path

What We Offer CareerGOD - Global Opportunities Direct - is free, for all stakeholders.


For Students

Students can search through various streams and colleges abroad with the help of CareerGOD.


For Parents

CareerGOD helps you plan for your child's career by taking into their academic and extra curricular activities.


For Teachers

Mentor students by using our data backed panel and by mapping student's abilities with them.

App Features No setup fee, no minimum spend.

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App Features Helping students choose college, since always.

Smart Search

With CareerGOD, search across hundreds of colleges abroad, their application process and their financial data. Make more informed choices when CareerGOD is by your side.

ROI Calculator

Global education seems costly? It offers more returns too! Calculate Return on Investments on various parameters like scholarship and lifestyle so that you're always better off financially.

GOD Rating

Going abroad can be taxing for students. Therefore, GOD Rating - calculated from indicators like suitable temperature for Indian students, acceptance rates etc - makes it easy for to decide.